Sean Plott has made a living for himself doing what he loves: playing StarCraft. A legend in the progaming community, Plott broadcasts from his bedroom 5 days a week for the Day[9] Daily. The show consists of critiquing pro StarCraft II matches and offering advice to players of all skill levels. It has been wildly successful in a year+ of existence, with most broadcasts drawing a live audience of over 10,000 viewers. He also travels around the world commentating pro matches at major events and meeting with fans.

So what makes Day[9] a world changer? If the above description didn’t make it clear enough, he has devoted his life to evangelizing e-sports and helping fellow StarCraft players “be a better gamer”. While Day[9] is idolized in the StarCraft community, he has been able to remain humble and is extremely personable. His humor and charm keep viewers (including yours truly) coming back every day to watch him. In the 100th episode of the daily, Day[9] took the opportunity to narrate his “life of StarCraft“, starting all the way back when StarCraft was released in 1998.

Today, e-sports is more popular than it ever has been, and that is in no small part due to Day[9]. While professional gaming has existed going as far back as the late ’90s, never before has it appealed to such a mass audience. Day[9] is even organizing a competition between some of the biggest names in tech, including Amazon and Google, to benefit charity.

Day[9] personally inspires me because of his passion for what he does. Every daily he is enthused and has something unique to bring. He is able to do what he loves while simultaneously helping gamers all over the world and moving an entire industry forward. I hope I am able to do something I am passionate about as he is about StarCraft someday.

Day[9] doesn’t only stand for e-sports, but for all gamers. He believes that gamers “are more than stereotypes” and that “society has forgotten how to play.”

Day[9] broadcasts Sunday through Thursday at You can watch archived dailies at Day[9]’s website is