What Am I Reading: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Books

One of my 2011 New Year’s resolutions was to read more, and specifically books, as I already was reading plenty of comics and graphic novels. I guess it shows how often resolutions fail when I have only read a few books outside of required school readings more than halfway through the year. However the most recent book I’ve read is one to write home about. Yes, you’ve probably heard of it: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Although I didn’t know much about the book going in, I knew that Daniel Craig was going to be starring in a movie adaptation, and that was enough to get me interested.

I will get right to it and say that I really recommend this book. It is both a murder mystery and thriller, and I was constantly thinking about what was going to happen next or coming up with ideas about what the twist would be while I wasn’t actively reading it. I could almost see myself as Mikael Blomkvist poring over his research into the case, desperate to find out what happened. I also appreciated that almost all loose ends are tied up at the end, and only relationships between main characters are left “unsolved”. While the book can be graphic, I don’t think that should be enough to keep anyone away from reading it.

I have the second book in the trilogy, The Girl Who Played with Fire, but I have only read the prologue. Some people have told me it is even better than the first while others have said the first book is the best of the series, so I am looking forward to diving in.

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