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Not a far walk from Shibuya’s shopping district is Yoyogi park. It is one of the largest parks in Tokyo and is also near Meiji Shrine and Harajuku Station.

Fans outside of a concert hall in Tokyo

While making my way to the park, I came across a large group of people gathered outside the NHK Hall for a concert. I’m not sure who the singer was but I know it was a J-pop idol. The thing I found funny was that nearly all of the fans were wearing the concert T-shirt. That is not really something you see in America on a level like this.

Fans in costume for a concert in Shibuya

There were several fans dressed up in cosplay outfits for the concert even, both guys and girls.

After people watching for a little bit, I continued on to check out the park.

A rose in Yoyogi Park

Yoyogi Park Garden

Unfortunately as you may have noticed by now, it was gray skies most of the days I was in Japan! This was the outer garden of the park.

Graffiti in Yoyogi Park Shibuya

Later in my trip I was talking with a Japanese man and when talking about the difference between Japan and America he mentioned how there is little graffiti in Japan, and I immediately thought of this.

Pond in Yoyogi Park

Yoyogi park is a popular hang out spot and around this area seemed to be the most common.

a band playing in Yoyogi Park

There were several groups of people playing music in the park. Overall it seemed like a really cool place to hang out or take a break from walking.

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