Returning to Real Life, Anxious for Adventure Life

A little background on me: The past two summer (2009 and 2010) I lived in San Diego while completing two separate internships for the same marketing agency. Those two summers were the best experiences of my life (it’s too hard to pick which was best between the two). In 2009 I had completed my sophomore year of college. I had never been that far away from home and had never flown since before I can remember. Those four months made my year and were the most valuable experiences I had ever had. I had never had a job before then and it couldn’t have been a better first experience. I also was able to attend E3 and Comic-Con which were really the highlight experiences.

In 2010 I returned to San Diego for another spin at the internship. This year it was for school credit as the previous year I wasn’t eligible for it. While I only spent two months as opposed to the previous year’s four because of summer classes, it was just as exciting of a trip and filled with lots of highlights. I went to E3 again, and while I was in Los Angeles my friends and I were able to get our hands on tickets for Game 6 of the NBA Finals at Staples Center. I also did more exploring on my own throughout San Diego than the previous year. I’m glad I had the opportunity to do that, as after returning home the previous year I had wished I had gotten out more while I was there.

These experiences were really my first exposure to traveling, and confirmed what I thought beforehand: that I love it. While at times it was hard being away from friends and family for so long, the experiences were so rewarding and fun on a personal level. And with the magic of the Internet, keeping up with friends isn’t too hard even when I’m away.

Fast forward to the present and I’m a recent college graduate, living at home and still looking for a job. While I shouldn’t have anything to complain about, not having any responsibilities, I can’t help but compare this summer to the previous years and wish for more. If you’ve ever had an experience like those I described above, you can probably relate to this feeling. While having a vacation after nonstop school work throughout the last few months of college was exactly what I needed, it’s starting to wear on me. That is part of the reason (along with an abundance of free time) that I started this blog, to help motivate me to find some new adventure to fill the void.

While it’s possible that new adventure will be a job, I’m looking forward to a change. Many opportunities I have been looking at are out of state, and while the possibility of moving away would be bittersweet, there is no denying that it would be exciting.

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