Kyoto at Night

After seeing temples and shrines all day around Kyoto, I checked out Gion, which is Kyoto’s most famous Geisha district. I didn’t actually go to any restaurants or teahouses with geisha (or geiko in the local dialect) though.
The downtown areas of Kyoto aren’t busy like Shibuya or Shinjuku, with Kyoto being the sixth most populated city in Japan. Still, there are people everywhere even during a weeknight.
Wonder Tower in Kyoto

Kyoto Marui Building

Kyoto shop at night

Udon Noodles in Kyoto

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Photos Around Kyoto

It’s hard to say which day of my Japan trip was the busiest, but the full day I spent in Kyoto is definitely up there. After seeing Fushimi Inari the night before, and Kiyomizudera that day already, I had already seen two of Kyoto’s most famous landmarks. But there was still plenty more I managed to pack into the day. This post will go through a few of the temples and shrines I saw as well as some general wandering the streets while going from place to place.

Kyoto shop

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Best Ramen in Kyoto

While I stayed in Kyoto, my hostel had some recommendations for what to do, where to eat, and other recommendations for things in Kyoto. Their number 1 restaurant in Kyoto was a place called Daiichiasahi Ramen. The ramen was delicious and they have English menus available, and the place is so tiny you might even strike up a conversation with a local if you know some Japanese or they know English.

K's House Hostel Recommends

Here are the rest of the recommendations from K’s House Hostel in Kyoto.

Kiyomizudera Temple

On my second day in Kyoto, my agenda was very ambitious, with 6 temples and shrines to see. The first one I visited was Kiyomizudera, one of the most famous temples in Japan. The name of the temple means “Pure Water Temple”. The temple contains a fountain which is said to give visitors luck in different areas depending on which stream they drink from.

Kiyomizudera Temple

field trip at Kiyomizudera

Temples are a popular place for school field trips and I saw several groups at this temple that morning.

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Fushimi Inari Shrine

After spending a day in Shibuya, I was leaving Tokyo for a few days and heading to Kyoto. I didn’t have my schedule planned out in advance at all, so I had to decide what to do on my first day there. I had seen photos of Fushimi Inari shrine and the famous Torii gate-lined trails, but didn’t know anything about it beyond that. Once I arrived in Kyoto, I began to research what the different temples and shrines were that I wanted to visit, and where each was located. Fushimi Inari was one of the top shrines I wanted to see, but it wasn’t close to any of the others on my list. Since it was already late afternoon by this point, I decided that is where I’d go that day, since I didn’t have time for anything else anyway. And since Fushimi Inari doesn’t have a closing time like other shrines do, it is a perfect one to visit in the evening.

Fushimi Inari has two main features. It has beautiful architecture at the front of the shrine which is well worth looking around in. But the real draw for me was the mountain path behind the main shrine. This path is lined with the Torii gates it is famous for.

Torii gate in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto

on the way to Fushimi Inari-taisha

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