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Almost all of us have something we want to do before we die. Whether it be visiting a certain place, doing an extreme activity, or something else, everyone has it in the back of their mind. But how many people ever follow through on these goals? The answer is probably not many.

One of the best things you can do to make your goals closer to becoming a reality is to write them down. This will take them from being a far off possibility to something you’ve committed to. It will also make them something tangible and help you from forgetting them. Instead you have something you can always refer to.

With plenty of free time on my hands this summer, I have been thinking about my own life goals and what I want to do before I die. This has turned into creating a bucket list, or as I’m simply calling it, “The List“. While I have a certain few items that have the highest priority, there are a large number of things I want to accomplish.

After perusing my list, you might think a lot of the goals are generic or common, such as wanting to visit certain places, and you’re right, most people who create these types of lists include travel goals. But how many people who say they want to visit Destination X or do Thing Y actually accomplish their goals? That is where I’m hoping to differentiate myself. For many of the goals I don’t have any kind of timeline, but for others I do. I’ll talk more about my timelines for different goals soon. One of the things I want to do with this blog is track my progress on some of these goals, and hopefully motivate you to do something similar.

The List will always be a work in progress as I come up with new ideas. Some will be easier to accomplish and some will be pretty far out there. Having the list written down and its progress tracked should serve as a good motivator. It’s easy to say you’ll do things on your list “someday”. Someday is not a day of the week.

Have you created your own bucket list, or now plan to do so? Please share them below as inspiration for others.

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  1. Creating a list of special standards would be like creating a list of all the occurrences that never happened. Is it true?

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