About Jeff Moeller

About Jeff Moeller

Welcome to my blog. I am a writer and aspiring entrepreneur, and I created this website to share the things I am passionate about with you and people all over the world. I hope the writings and photos you find will inspire you in some way.


Since graduating from Grand Valley State University with a Bachelor of Science in information systems and a minor in business, I have been working remotely doing SEO while traveling the world. I have been doing some form of online work for over eight years, and I hope to start a new business and become a full time writer and entrepreneur. I currently live in Chicago, but spent most of my life in Southeast Michigan.

My past experiences include building websites for clients as well as for personal projects using Drupal and WordPress, managing one of the largest gaming forums on the Web, and attending trade shows like E3. In college, I led a team to create a social networking website for alumni of our program. My mock resume and cover letter have been published in a textbook for business writing. I am also an Eagle Scout.

My Life

I love to set goals for myself and push myself to do things I might not normally do. This is how I became so interested in travel. Now, after not leaving the United States for my first 22 years, it is something I am truly passionate about. I am especially interested in Japan and Japanese culture. I want to share these experiences with others, which led to my interest in photography. Many of the photos you will see on this website are from my travels.

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